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Guangzhou Treetop Co., Ltd.
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      ABOUT US
    Dear customers,

    Any of our customers who have the requirement of designing exclusive styles or developing exclusive products, their styles and products will be fully protected by our company like the following clauses as we PROMISE!

    Customized solution -- In order to have our esteemed customers be ahead of competitors and avoid price war, not like other small factories, we set up the powerful R&D team with 8 staffs to offer the customized solution that is according to our customers' marketing, we are not only providing products, but more important, we are also offering value-added services including the market search and product development with our huge experiences for the materials, technics and mass production. We promise to protect our customers' unique designs originated from our design team.

    NDA -- For any OEM orders from our customers, we would sign the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with our customers, any ideas, artworks or anything that are related to the confidential information would be fully protected, we will not disclose the confidential information to any other third parties with our good reputation, we respect our customers' designs entirely.

    Exclusive selling -- For our long term large scale customers, we are very glad to have you as our exclusive distributors for our products in your market, besides, in our minds, we would not like to offer the same designs or same products to our customers in the same region, it is harmful to all of us in the long run, we deeply understand that, ONLY when our customers get the maximum and continuous benefit from the market, they can support us the continuous orders, and ONLY in this way, all of us can grow bigger and stronger together.

    You could regard Treetop as your owned company, all our colleagues would treat you as our loyal ally, since WE ARE THE ONE!


    Looking forward to your information, thanks so much.

    Yours sincerely,
    Treetop Co.,Ltd
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